Legolaptic prototypes

I wanted the ability to do time lapse panorama videos and so I built slow moving turntables using lego technics. Early designs were encouraging and I ended up using a VCR head and lego technics to get a super smooth rotation.

Micro motor with 35RPM connected to a Lego Technics turntable for doing controlled video pans. 1 rev per 23 seconds.

Latest design for panoramic time lapsing. Motor has 340RPM which is geared down to 1 rev per 2 hours, or 1 rev per 40 minutes depending on where the motor is attached.. This design works perfectly with a Canon S3 IS, but when wide angle lens is attached the extra weight makes it a bit jumpy.

Designed for panoramic time lapsing. Turntable is a recording head from a VCR. Works perfectly indoors, but rubber band is too slack for outdoor use, meaning wind will shake camera and screw up the smoothness.

Early minimalist design, was a little jerky. Results can be seen here...Tested at Jeff's